• Canvas & Leather Design
  • Brass Buckled
  • Suitable for 51″ total length guns
  • Quick Release Hinged Lid
  • Canvas & Leather Shoulder Straps

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Canvas & Leather Shotgun Slip Case
  • This canvas & leather shotgun slip case is suitable for 28 inch to 32 inch barrel shotguns. The internal overall length is 53 inches, please check the overall dimension of your shotgun before purchase if you are unsure.
  • This bag features all brass fittings, a YKK full length zip and thick 3mm leather straps.
  • The muzzle end of the case is reinforced with extra thick leather and a thick strap.
  • The stitching is matching brown rot proof nylon. The canvas shoulder strap is 1.5 inches wide and 3mm thick and is fully adjustable.
  • Suitable for over and under and side by side shotguns while the case is lined with fleece lining.
  • Finally, the oval on the top flap is left blank allowing for initialling which we are able to stamp two initials on this oval leather piece.
How are these canvas & leather shotgun slips made?

All our leather shotgun slips have a complex manufacture process. Raw materials are sourced, treated and then cut to size by hand and then stitched together using machinery for the bulk of the process.

Our shotgun slips are made to last for many years, to do this we use the toughest materials. All the areas which will take most the weight of the shotguns will be double stitched and in some cases the area will also be studded. We take pride in our outstanding workman ship and attention to detail.

What is this canvas & leather shotgun slip made from?

This canvas & leather shotgun slip is made from a tough canvas material. The edges and trimming are finished with dark brown cow hide leather with the main body constructed from canvas.

All the straps are made from pure leather to match the shotgun slip trim. The stitching is a nylon thread which is waterproof and rot-proof and will match the leather trim.

In stock we have a wide range of different leathers for each of our shotgun slips, each giving a very different finish. We use only the toughest and most durable of materials on our products. All our fittings are brass and the inner lining of our gun slips is thick fleece.

Who is this canvas & leather shotgun slip suitable for?

Our canvas & leather shotgun slips are made to suit all shooters. One may opt for the canvas slip due to its durability in the field and the ability to ‘throw it around’ without the care one may take with a leather shotgun slip case. The price in comparison to leather slips is also a factor.

The only answer to this question would be suitable for all, depending on personal preference of leather finish!

Personalised Initial Engraving

For information regarding engraving on our leather shotgun slips please click here.

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