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Made from pure leather cow hide, our John Shooter cartridge belts are suitable for most shooters. Here we have both single & double cartridge belts available. The cartridge belts are made to the highest standard from 2mm thick leather and thick brass buckles.

A good quality shotgun slip is an essential piece of kit for every keen field sportsperson. Guns need to be transported safely and securely and protected from the damaging effects of wind and wet weather. At, you can find a fine range of shotgun slips, with design to suit everyone, whether you prefer a more aged look and feel or something shiny and newer looking.

When choosing a shotgun slip, it is important to opt for something practical and durable above any other consideration. After all, the slip is primarily there to protect your gun. You need a slip which is weather resistant, but also lightweight and comfortable to carry. 

But none of these practical and prosaic concerns mean that you cannot have a slip which looks great too. A little bit of style never hurt anyone, after all. Leather gun slips combine durability and style in a very appealing way and can be made to look weathered or shiny, depending on your personal preferences.

For some people, canvas may well be a better option. Canvas is lighter and often less expensive than leather, so is good for newcomers to the world of shooting. Canvas also offers a greater range of colours than leather, for those who prefer something brighter.

Our full range of shotgun slips can be ordered online at, and delivered straight to your door. We also have a 14-day returns policy, making things even more convenient for you. Browse our range, and order today. Our high standards of quality and durability apply to all our products. 

All our gun slips are handmade in the West Midlands by skilled professional craftsmen, who work with the highest quality materials available. We have built our business on providing the best possible quality at a fair price, and we continue to live up to those high standards today.

John Shooter Leather Shotgun Slips

Leather Shotgun Slip Case Distressed Brown


Leather Shotgun Slip Case Latigo Brown


Leather Shotgun Slip Case Havana Brown


Bridle Black Leather Shotgun Slip Case


Ludstone Waxed Shotgun Slip Case Tekwax®


Aston Leather Shotgun Slip Case Distressed Brown


Leather Shotgun Slip Case Waxed Brown


Leather Shotgun Slip Case Lightweight Roll-up


Oak Chequered Leather Shotgun Slip Case


Canvas & Leather Shotgun Slip Case


Double Shotgun Slip Distressed Leather


Distressed Brown Leather Shotgun Slip Case


Distressed Black Leather Shotgun Slip Case


Leather Shooting Rifle Case Stag Engraved Design


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