The very popular and unique horse riding leather saddle flask available with either a brown case or a black case.

These flask cases attach straight to your saddle on either side, making it very easy to access when out hunting. You can choose from either a stainless steel flask or a thick glass flask. All hinged are secured so no lids can be lost.

If you need a quality, durable and hand-made saddle flask then check our range out today. All the flasks in our range offer the same respected John Shooter features and will give years of handy use when out riding. Made from the toughest of materials, they will stand up to the rigours of country life and never let you down.

Bespoke design at a fantastic price

All the saddle flasks we have for sale are made by hand and make for an entirely bespoke product when finished. Our master craftsmen ensure each flask looks amazing with sleek lines and a stunning appearance. Coming complete with luxurious leather storage cases in brown or black, each case has an adjustable strap to allow it to fit any saddle as required.

Allowing for a generous 300ml of liquid to be stored inside, our saddle flasks are always easily at hand when you need them and will fit either side of the saddle. A solid stud design closes the case and means that the flask inside will always stay safe, no matter what terrain you are going over.

Our range offers superb choice

Whether you prefer the modern looks of the stainless steel flask or the more traditional toughened glass option, we are sure to have a flask in our range to suit you. Either will look great when in use and allow for safe transport and consumption of your favourite drink.

Order online today!

Here at John Shooter, we take pride in the care and attention to detail we put into all our products as this is how our reputation was built. The luxurious and hand-made approach we take to producing our items means that you always get a product that is simply sublime. Order online today and experience the legendary John Shooter design and function for yourself!

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